All I want for Christmas is a new business!

Christmas has come early this year and I have been granted the gift I have desired for many years – the opportunity to work for myself and start my own business as a freelance Marketing Consultant.

At last I have taken the leap and it’s now happening! Girarkle Marketing is up and running and ready to provide support to growing businesses.

As a new business in its infancy the feeling right now is rather like starting a new school – excitement and anticipation but blended with a touch of apprehension – will I make friends? will people like me? or in this case will they like what I have to offer? Despite the inevitable trepidation it’s incredibly exciting to be doing something new and to be able to work with a variety of interesting and progressive businesses.

There are of course a few drawbacks to this new work arrangement – I’ve discovered the chairs at my dining room table are not designed to be sat on for hours at a time and that working from home offers different distractions, most notably the trio of fox cubs that like to sunbathe at the end of my garden. However, these disturbances are a small price to pay for this newly acquired much coveted Christmas gift!

With the legalities completed, the Girarkle website up and running and business cards printed I’m raring to go. I’m not quite ready for the Christmas holiday to start just yet, so I’ll be out and about including attending tomorrow’s Dacorum Business Breakfast at Champneys – let's hope I don’t get lost and slip into the spa!

Next month, my blog will start in earnest and each month I'll be offering my top tips for small businesses looking to grow through their marketing efforts.

Until then happy Christmas all - here's hoping your Christmas Stands Tall’ and ‘Shines Bright’.

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