5 Reasons why entering business awards makes good business sense

5 reasons why entering business awards makes good business sense

Like me you’ve probably noticed a number of opportunities popping up recently to enter your business for an award. You’ve probably also quickly dismissed the idea of entering because its just another thing for the ‘To Do’ list that you don’t have time for, time is money after all. Well, I’m here to convince you not to be so hasty. Having had the pleasure of working for ‘award winning’ firms I can confirm first hand that there are numerous benefits to be had to entering and of course, if successful, actually winning an award!

Here are my top 5 reasons why entering your business for an award makes good business sense:

1. PR

A major benefit of being a finalist or award winner is the PR your business can achieve. Many events are sponsored by the press or local publications who then follow-up the awards with write-ups on the winners – fantastic free publicity for your business. You too can maximise exposure of your brand by making full use of the associated PR opportunities available to you. Post event, submit a press release to your own industry publications making sure to get quotes from the judges and email your own contacts to share the news of your award success.

2. Networking

Networking opportunities are plentiful if you take the time to enter, from Meet the Sponsor events to advice sessions on how to complete your entry and of course the actual awards ceremony. Also, awards are often judged by successful members of the business community, so you are likely to get an opportunity to expand your network of contacts as part of the process.

3. Staff Morale Boost

Having your efforts recognised and endorsed by a third party can provide a great boost for staff morale. Bringing a trophy back to the office is guaranteed to make even the grumpiest team member crack a smile.

4. Increased Credibility

From my own experience of working with companies who have achieved success at awards an ancillary benefit has been the increased credibility within the marketplace. An award represents a seal of approval by the business community and sets your business apart from the competition. This third-party endorsement can act as a quality mark to use on your marketing material to reassure existing customers and attract new customers.

5. Brand Awareness

Ultimately, all the above contribute to greater brand awareness. Business awards provide an excellent way of achieving this ultimate SME marketing goal, as every stage of the application and award entry process present opportunities to increase the visibility of your brand. So be sure to join in the conversation on social media, capitalise on all PR opportunities and meet new contacts.If you are lucky enough to be a finalist or winner, be sure to tell anyone who will listen your good news.

Whether your business is new or long-standing and established there are award opportunities for all. Details of the various local business award opportunities including the SME Hertfordshire Business Awards and Herts Business Awards can be found on the Herts Growth Hub website.

Of course, if you don’t have time to enter your business for an award but would like someone to put forward a compelling case for why you deserve to win, please give me a call or drop me an email at abihall@girarkle.co.uk.

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