Employee Advocacy – 5 reasons why you should let your employees do the talking

Employee Advocacy - Girarkle Marketing Blog Post

One of the most overlooked tools to amplify digital marketing reach is employee advocacy. Too many businesses sadly fail to appreciate that their employees are actually their best marketing asset. A happy workforce can prove invaluable to a stretched or non-existent marketing team who need assistance spreading the word.

So, what does the fancy marketing term ‘employee advocacy’ actually mean?

Essentially, it’s about letting your employees do the talking – allowing your employees to promote your business and increase brand awareness. Social media tends to be the main medium for advocacy and with employees having around ten times* more followers and connections than the average corporate account there is much to be gained from their involvement.

Your marketing challenge is to create authentic, believable and engaging content that your employees want to share – if this can be achieved then there are a number of positives that will follow from letting your employees do the talking (or in social media speak - posting, liking and sharing).

Here’s five reasons to give it a go:

1. Increase reach

With fellow employees sharing your news you are immediately increasing your social media reach and broadening your audience. Every post has guaranteed likes and shares from the minute it is posted which strengthens its appeal and chance of getting noticed.

Take for example a company with 100 followers on Linked In. Their post has a limited audience of those followers and if they are lucky enough to get a like or a share that reach is extended. However, if that post is liked and shared by 5 of the company’s employees who each have 250 connections the reach of that post is increased exponentially.

2. Increase leads

The more active your employees are on social media the more likely they are to be noticed. If they share interesting, thought provoking posts and engage with their connections and followers they are likely to expand their professional network and in doing so that of the company. Over time as your employee becomes a trusted advisor in their social sphere, increasing and nurturing leads, the opportunities for conversion to sales will increase.

3. Raise employee awareness

How many update emails or company newsletters go unread? Too many I’m sure. Strangely it is not always easy to get employees to digest internal corporate communications. Largely people are just too busy doing their day job. Social media provides an additional means to engage with employees and in turn helps to raise their awareness of what is going on across the company.

4. A credible voice

It’s one thing for the marketing team to share news of how wonderful a company is and whilst they may be right, news of this nature is undoubtedly more effective when shared by employees. People buy people and posts by fellow contemporaries have added believability and credibility that a corporate account cannot hope to emulate.

5. Attract talent

Your employees are influencers – if they are happy in the workplace and sharing news about your brand it demonstrates to the wider world that your company is a good place to work for. These endorsements won’t go unnoticed within your industry and your brand ambassadors can assist in attracting new talent to your firm.

Silence the sceptics

Ok, I said five reasons at the start but I’m adding a sixth …...

Despite a plethora of evidence supporting social media and its merits as a marketing tool every firm has its sceptics who remain unconvinced and still think social media is just about food and cute cats. What better way to persuade them of the benefits than showing them the tangible results of an effective employee advocacy programme?

If you are interested in boosting your digital marketing efforts and engaging your employees in social media but would like help to get going, please give me a call or drop me an email at abihall@girarkle.co.uk.

* Source: Smarp

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