The Marketing Tap - 5 reasons why you should keep the tap running

The Marketing Tap - 5 Reasons why you should keep the tap running

All too often I've heard "Things are a bit quiet - we need to do a bit of marketing".

I cringe a little, but even as a Marketer - I get it - most business owners and employees alike are too busy doing the day job to even think about how they should be marketing themselves let alone actually instigating a plan.

My mission (as always) is to convince my clients that marketing should be a constant, not an afterthought or an ad hoc ‘quick we need to get something out!’ Easier said than done though, as I myself can testify writing this blog post on the train, as I try to cram a million and one things into my working day.

So your marketing efforts or your ‘Marketing Tap’ should be set to a continuous drip – updating your audience and engaging with them on an ongoing regular basis.

Here’s five reasons why I recommend you keep the tap running:

1. Market Positioning

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again …. Marketing isn’t just about making things looks pretty. It’s about establishing the reputation of your business in the marketplace. It’s about setting your stall out and telling your audience who you are and what you do - if you’re not doing this on an ongoing regular basis and if the messages you send out aren’t clear how will you reach the customers you want to be talking to?

2. Brand Recognition

For any business the utopia is brand recognition in the marketplace - how can this be achieved if you’ve turned the marketing tap off?

The key to success lies in drip feeding (not bombarding or spamming) your audience, so that over time your brand becomes instantly recognisable. Think of the household names you see advertised that you can recognise without even seeing the logo. This takes time but through the delivery of continuous well-presented consistent messaging it’s achievable for the even the smallest of companies. What’s more with so many free and low-cost marketing channels available it doesn’t need to break the bank.

3. Build Customer Loyalty

Marketing isn’t simply about lead generation - once you have a client your continued marketing effort can play a huge role in retaining that customer and building brand loyalty. The overused Pareto rule suggests that 80% of business comes from 20% of your customer base - whilst a cliché it demonstrates that it’s crucial to have a marketing plan in place to connect with your existing customer base on an ongoing basis. Without maintaining contact how can you hope to develop loyalty?

4. Attract Talent

All companies large and small have an ‘employer brand’. This is how prospective employees view your reputation in the market. A proactive marketing strategy that attracts positive attention in the marketplace can help to draw in new talent. People trust credible brands. If you are visible and have made a name for yourself it will be easier to recruit new employees into the fold.

5. Maintaining the Pipeline

Last but by no means least and so obvious it shouldn’t really be here (but 5 is always better than 4 reasons!) …. Regular marketing effort is required to maintain a constant pipeline, making new contacts that hopefully over time can be converted into customers. It’s all too easy when we’re busy to get complacent but we should never lose sight of where future work will come from.

The most successful companies that exist today are those who have embraced marketing and place it at the heart of everything they do. It’s a key function within their operations and a regular core activity.

Maintained continuously as part of your weekly routine it will cease to be that annoying ‘to do’ that sits at the bottom of the list nagging at you. Ultimately, if you can keep the momentum going you will reap the rewards in the long term.

Of course, if you’re still not convinced you have the time you can always enlist some help. To find out more about the marketing services provided by Girarkle please give me a call or drop me an email at

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